Mini Pink Stripes

Product image 1Mini Pink Stripes Home Decor Basket
Product image 2Mini Pink Stripes handmade Basket

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Mini Pink Stripes hand-woven Bahati home decor basket makes an essential storage option for your home. Versatile and one-of-a-kind, you can mix and match different sizes, colours, and patterns to create your own bespoke collection. This Mini Pink Stripes basket is ideal for toiletries, magazines and children's toys. They also make beautiful plant pots and are useful for organizing office and kitchen supplies.

Developed over multiple days, these products have accompanied the artisans on their daily errands, allowing them to use all spare me in pursuing original artwork and patterns that are personally yours. Weaving is an alternative, sustainable income for our women artisans and helps support their families during the dry seasons, as a supplement to their farming production.

Every purchase of Mini Pink Stripes home decor basket helps to empower our weavers, support their families and preserve culture.


Product Details:

 5" width x 5" height approximately

As with all handmade items, slight variations can occur

Materials: Sisal and dyes

Care instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight, or colour can fade. A splash of water won't damage the basket, but make sure it dries properly.


The Weaving Process

Using sisal leaves, grown on their own farms, our women artisans handmake each woven basket. This is a skill passed on from mother to daughter. The women begin by carefully cutting and collecting the sisal leaves, draining the liquid in order to extract fibres. They then dye the strands with natural dyes for vibrant colours and leave them out to dry, before the begin weaving and designing the baskets. All our Bahati Baskets are customized according to specific designs we decide with the weavers.
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