bahati collection artisans

We wouldn’t be what we are today without the beautiful souls that help us create our beautiful baskets. We work with self-help groups and workshops, organisations in Kenya that employ slum youth, people with disabilities, and those living in economically disadvantaged rural backgrounds

The artisans are the backbone of our brand. You can almost feel their passion and talent when you hold up a Bahati Collection product. Every product has been attended to by just one artisan, pursuing original artwork and patterns that are personally yours

 bahati collection artisans

Developed over multiple days, these products have accompanied the artisans on their daily errands, enabling them to use all spare time in the development of your one-of-a-kind basket

We’ve worked hard to pair up with the most moving artisans from Kenya, and we are so proud to be working with these experienced and ingenious artists in our world today

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