1. Will my basket look exactly like the one I saw online?

All our baskets are one-of-a-kind creations handmade by different weavers. Thus, there will be variations in size and shape. To better assist you to pick your baskets, we have provided a size chart illustrating the diameter size


2. How do I clean my basket?

Our handmade sisal baskets are extremely strong and durable. However, care should be taken when exposing your basket to full sunlight for long periods of time, as this can sometimes cause the colours to fade. Sisal is a natural product, and if it remains damp for a long period it can go mouldy. Thus, whilst a splash of water will not damage these baskets, air-drying your basket out if it is made wet is recommended

If you use your basket as a planter or flower vase, lining it with a dish/plate before you place the pot inside is advisable


3. You sold out of the basket I wanted to purchase?

We promise to get them back in stock as soon as possible! Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for updates on when we update our inventory


4. I selected USD/Euro on the currency converter tab, but when I checkout it changes the currency to SGD?

This is correct. Shopify's built-in checkout page solely accepts the store's default currency, which in our case is SGD and does not provide multiple currencies for the moment

Rest assured, that if you select USD/Euro the prices shown with the currency converter are correct. There will be no difference in pricing upon checkout, despite being displayed in SGD


5. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world and offer free shipping to some destinations. Please see our shipping page for more information 


6. Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely! Please e-mail us at or see our wholesale page if you are interested in stocking our Bahati Baskets


7. Do you provide refunds and exchanges?

Yes we do! Please visit our Shipping and Returns page for more information and policies regarding this





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