Five Reasons to Use Kenyan Baskets

The craft of basket weaving is as old as mankind itself. Handmade baskets are created through a process where natural fibers are fastened and plaited. History has provided testimony to how these baskets have been used for storage, trading, transportation. In fact, anthropologists have found evidence of similarly designed baskets buried beneath the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

The tradition of storage baskets span millenniums. Today, it is quickly transforming into a life-saving income for many African women. With their expertise in weaving material storage baskets and many such similar products, they are singularly supporting their families along with keeping the tradition alive through generations.

Reasons to Use Kenyan Baskets

Kenya has been on the forefront of this basket weaving movement. No wonder, Kenyan baskets have now reached almost every corner of the globe. These talented artisans from rural Kenya are curating beautifully crafted pieces which are fast becoming an addition to your life and home.

Let’s look at why we should be using Kenyan baskets:

Every Basket is Unique: A lot of time, effort and love goes into weaving these baskets that make them uniquely yours. A single artisan works on your basket with tremendous care in designing the pattern with colourful hues and innovative shapes. If sustainable decor is on your mind, these basket bags are available in innumerable sizes and perfect to for everyday use. The enthusiasm put into every individual handmade piece is perceptible and the passion lives on in each creation that narrates a story of its own.

Multi-purpose Usage: Apart from using these baskets in your daily life, perhaps as a shopping bag, or to carry your groceries, there are many other ways by which these handmade beauties can add a fun yet personal touch to your space. Here are some out of the box ways of using these Kenyan handmade baskets:

  • Use your basket to store away the clutter such as dirty clothes, your kid’s toys or extra wires and cables that are often left lying around
  • Consider growing your herbs in these sisal baskets
  • Put your lovely flowers into a simple jar and position that into the basket
  • Ferry your fruits and vegetables from the market to your kitchen table
  • Display some of the fruits in these baskets to give your home a more organic feel
  • Use it as a day bag by that complements your sense of style and fashion

Handmade Kenya Storage Basket


Offers a Fuller Experience: Just like other handmade products, Kenyan baskets too offers you the option to customize. Bahati Collection works directly with the artisans so they can translate our ideas and thoughts into reality through their weaving expertise. They are able to tweak according to specifications which we feel will suit your needs perfectly. Overall, this offers a fuller experience that is intrinsic where you get a product that you truly love. Moreover, knowing the artisan have personally made the baskets makes one relate better to them.

Helps the Environment: Kenyan baskets such as wicker storage baskets can last you far longer in comparison to plastic bags. By using these ethnic bio-degradable pieces for shopping, you contribute towards reducing plastic bag pollution. Many non-profits along with governmental agencies are encouraging the usage of handmade baskets at a commercial level too.

Kenya Storage Basket

Supports Skilled Work and Community: The skill of basket weaving, along with access to Kenyan sisal grass that is resistant to drought has given the instruments for a sustainable, fair trade business for these women artisans. Supporting any art form is good for the community. By purchasing Kenyan baskets, you make a significant contribution towards uplifting their local economies significantly. This helps by returning a percentage of the revenue back into these local communities that goes a long way in supporting the livelihood of rural Kenyan families. Shopping, in a way, does change lives.

With every basket that you purchase, you add a little flavour of Kenya in your life. But the good bit is that you contribute towards a struggling community. By empowering them to carry on with this age-old trade that is decorative and creative, it brings you ethical, stylish accessories that has a story to tell.

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