Bring African Flavours to Your Home with Our Handmade Baskets

A fusion of age-old craft combined with fresh, contemporary designs and patterns have given birth to the new age African baskets bringing in flavours of Kenya, right into your homes. Working with skilled artisans, Bahati Collection baskets are a labour of love that offers you an opportunity to possess a traditional piece of Africa. With every purchase you make, this tradition is allowed to continue by adding beautiful, durable and uniquely designed handmade baskets that fit in perfectly with your modern lifestyle.

Creating the Handmade Basket

Bahati Collection believes in producing these baskets by sourcing locally available materials that are sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, to achieve this goal, the procedure of actually creating these decorative storage baskets is put into effect with harvesting the leaves of the sisal plant that are then crushed to extract the fibres. The next step constitutes of drying and dyeing the fibres with natural colourants which are then rolled prior to beginning actual the weaving process.


Using the ‘Kiondo’ weaving technique, the standards of quality are very high. The baskets are not only versatile and stylish, but they are also available in an array of useful sizes. Ranging from traditional Kenyan colour combinations to new art and contemporary, these traditional handmade baskets beautifully complements the modern woman. With exquisite design and fine craftsmanship, each individual basket is an illustration of art that has been perfected over generations.

The Beauty of Handmade from the Incredible Women we Work With

The most rewarding experience of owning a beautifully crafted basket is also being a part of these inspiring groups of artisans who live in remote parts of Kenya and work on this art with limited resources.

These talented women come from families who are dependent on farming as the only means of their livelihood. Like most families in rural Kenya, drought has made the women in the family turn to the art of weaving baskets. Bahati Collection has come forward as a social enterprise by trying to combine business with social integrity. By partnering with these women co-operatives, the goal is to give them access to markets, offer support and the means to mentor and provide a source of sustainable income all year round.

The process of weaving traditional storage baskets has been a part of the Kenyan culture for hundreds of years. Starting out with 20 weavers, Bahati Collection has now partnered with over 41 artisans. These are mostly women of Kenyan or Tanzanian heritage from remote villages and disadvantaged backgrounds, who have inherited the art of weaving from their mothers and grandmothers. 

Kenyan Storage Baskets – A Community Building Exercise 

Taking a positive step towards building a community begins with appointing a sole artisan. The next step involves entrusting her with the pattern and design as per our specifications of an individual basket that will in future turn into a product that is uniquely yours. This paves the way for empowering women, whilst keeping the road open for them to be able to earn an income to support their families independently and keeping their precious traditional craft alive for future generations. 


These bespoke handcrafted baskets have been woven with a lot of passion and love. Every single piece bear testimony to the standard of its distinctive qualities. These baskets are a statement of boldness that showcases the layers of inspirational stories of the artisan, woven into every single strand. The artisan’s magical touch creates the most interesting Kiondo baskets that bring a little bit of texture and colour in your life. 

A Little Piece of Kenyan Culture in your Homes

A seismic shift of the Gen Y towards adopting more sustainable practices in order to see a greener future has renewed interest in natural fibres in lifestyle and home décor products. This speaks directly about everything that Bahati Collection stands for.


Our handmade baskets are ideal for everyday use, be it for grocery shopping or carrying your knick-knacks to the beach. For those into contemporary interiors, these bespoke baskets can be used in home décor, or perhaps as a mode of rustic storage or a chic organiser.

A winning combination of not only being a stylish but practical accessory, Bahati Collection’s baskets are multipurpose and offers a spectrum of convenient storage options. Our collection of baskets can be attuned to serve multiple functions and preferences that tell a narrative of their own.

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